Timothy Davison

Timothy Davison


About me

I am building CellWalk, a platform for immersive biology education on Apple Vision Pro (iPhone and iPad coming soon). I’m a graphics programmer PhD with a background in realtime simulation and artificial intelligence. I like hiking and photography.


Interactive example-palettes for discrete element texture synthesis
LifeBrush: Painting Interactive Agent-Based Simulations



  • PhD Computer Science, 2019

    University of Calgary

  • MSc Computer Science

    University of Calgary

  • BSc Computer Science

    University of Calgary


Co-founder: Science EdTech Startup
Jan 2020 – Present
We are building an active-learning digital education platform for the life sciences; immerse, interact and explore. Find more information here and follow our progress on Twitter.
Developer: ShipCraft
Indie Game Development
Jan 2016 – Jan 2017

Embark on an interstellar journey with “ShipCraft” a riveting VR game where you engineer intricate spacecraft. You’ll wield cutting-edge CAD tools in virtual reality, crafting spaceships right down to the engine’s fuel flow rates.

Each challenge pits you against the merciless void of space. Can you mend a malfunctioning ship hurtling toward a gas giant?

I put this project on hold to finish my PhD. Its innovative simulation and VR crafting technology lay the groundwork for my LifeBrush system.

Developer and Co-founder: SimuDenseEndo
Sep 2014 – May 2015 Germany

SimuDenseEndo was a startup leveraging virtual reality for dental surgery training. We developed innovative realtime pysics models, interaction and rendering technology to train dental surgeons on a variety of procedures.


  • Development
  • Research
Lead Developer
LINDSAY Virtual Human Project
Aug 2009 – Jan 2014 University of Calgary
I lead development on the Lindsay Composer, a 3D engine for Human pysiology and anatomy education.
Research Assistant
Applied Geomchemistry Group
Sep 2002 – Aug 2008 University of Calgary, Department of Geology
  • Server administration
  • macOS software development


SIGGRAPH 2020 Thesis Fast Forward Runner-up
My LifeBrush PhD thesis won an honorable mention at SIGGRAPH 2020’s thesis fast forward competition. Check it out.
Machine Learning
See certificate
AITF - iCore Doctoral Scholarship - $32,000
Queen Elizabeth II Doctoral Graduate Scholarships
Department Teaching Award
I won this award for the iOS Programming Course as a TA at UofC. I developed this course together with my supervisor, Dr. Christian Jacob.
WWDC Scholarships 2005, 2006, 2008-2010